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How to insulate the roofs of wooden houses

In recent years, the popularity of houses made of material such as wood has increased dramatically.

Modern technologies make it possible to build sufficiently strong wooden houses with a beautiful design, corresponding to the long traditions of the Slavic peoples. However, in order to stay in a wooden house was comfortable, you will need to fulfill several mandatory conditions, one of which is the insulation of the roof.

What you should pay attention first

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of all the details of the wooden roof. If there is any damage, these parts must be replaced. In the event that a mold is found, treatment with special antiseptic solutions will be required. If there are electrical or communication cables, heating or water pipes in the area of ​​the roof, they should also be inspected carefully in order to identify possible malfunctions in advance.

Roof insulation

Insulating the roof, it is important to consider how the attic space is used. If the attic will not be used as a residential attic, you can do without internal roof insulation. If the attic is inhabited, then the roof must be insulated both outside and inside.

Pitched roof

The process of pitched roof insulation should begin with a waterproofing, for the device of which a special film (hydrobarrier) is used, which retains water, but passes steam. The next layer is the heater itself, most often, mineral wool. Mounted insulation with nylon cords or packed perpendicular rafters rails. It should be remembered that the thickness of mineral wool should be at least 10 cm, but do not exceed the thickness of the rafters. The last step in the heat insulation of the pitched roof is the laying of the vapor barrier (vapor barrier film). If the attic is residential, it will also require additional finishing with plasterboard or chipboard.

Flat roof

Often a flat roof requires insulation only from the outside. Although, you can summarize the results of the first winter held in such a house, and the next season to insulate the roof and the inside. For external insulation of a flat roof, basalt mineral wool is ideal - a durable and durable material that is resistant to mechanical stress and has the ability to maintain excellent thermal insulation.